Seven centuries of
glass making

Preciosa Group

Vinolok is a member of Preciosa Group, a global leader in products manufactured from glass. Preciosa Group comprises of seven divisions. From the world famous Czech Beads and Crystal Components used in fashion industry, to tailor made Lighting projects for luxury hotels or casinos, the true craftsmanship of glass production has been present in Bohemia since 16th century.


Crystal Components

Cubic Zirconia & Gems

Traditional Czech Beads


Jewellery & Decoration

Traditional Czech Glass

The history of Preciosa and Vinolok in a nutshell

In the 16th century, amid the picturesque valley of the Jizera Mountains, a sparkle in the furnaces of a lone craftsman could have been spotted. As a result of centuries of careful work is a sparkling symphony of crystal and light forms, one of the longest and most majestic Czech traditions.



The first glassworks were ignited in the Crystal Valley


The first traders with finished jewellery in the world set off from the Crystal Valley


Beginning of production of crystal stones, one of the flagship products of Preciosa


Even the royal families desire the chandeliers made in the  Crystal Valley


The traditional czech beads are born, becoming most widely spread bijoux in the world


The first bottles are closed with the Vinolok glass closure

Preciosa today

Preciosa continues to innovate, employing the newest technologies, such as nanotechnology and 3D modeling, in manufacturing. It is this combination of centuries of tradition, modern manufacturing, and a timeless eye for style that makes Preciosa’s five divisions of products global leaders, each focused on making the world a more beautiful place.
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Vinolok is a member of the Preciosa Group.