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Basic Vinolok Set

Vinolok comes in three basic colours: clear, rosé, and black. Clear and black options come in a low-top and a high-top version and can be finished with a frost effect, rosé option is available in sizes 18.2 and 18.5 as a low-top only.


Express your Creativity with the Vinolok Design Options

The basic set can be customised in almost endless variations. We call it the Vinolok Design Options.

Branding options

Customise Vinolok glass closure for any brand or purpose. There are several ways how to put your brand on a glass closure.


The new shape of the Vinolok closure, named Philos, follows the trend of honouring the value of handcrafted products. Recalling the pharmaceutical jar classic look, this premium closure delivers presence, image, exclusivity and quality to your packaging.

Packaging Inspiration

Check out our packaging concepts for spirits, wine, water and olive oil that use various Vinolok Design Options to give you inspiration on how to enhance your own product packaging.

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Design magazine

Check out the Vinolok magazine, prepared to showcase our relentless effort to promote creativity in packaging design and individual approach to each brand. It features over 40 pages of inspiring material related to the glass closures.

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Vinolok is a member of the Preciosa Group.