Vinolok Media Kit

What is Vinolok

Vinolok is the most elegant and creative closure for wines, spirits, water, and oils. Vinolok is made from pure Bohemian glass. There is absolutely no impact on aroma or flavour. Despite being completely leakproof, the unique properties of the Vinolok closure allow the wine to breathe and develop slowly. The Vinolok glass closure establishes a look of a premium brand.

Vinolok. Bohemian Crystal Closure

Vinolok image library

Feel free to use following images when referring to Vinolok, or download a full library below.

Vinolok - Coloured Sealing Rings
Vinolok - Opaque Colouring
Vinolok - Sticky Crystals
Vinolok - Inserted Jewellery Stones
Vinolok - Metal Ornaments
Vinolok - Metal Coating
Woody Vinolok
Woody Vinolok

Logo Library

Vinolok logo - Colour version
Full colour version


Vinolok logo - Black version
Black version


Vinolok logo - White version
White version


Documents and presentations

General Presentation

Download PDF presentation

Vinolok for wines | Vinolok for other beverages

Recommended Bottles

Download a list of bottles compatible with Vinolok (PDF)

Vinolok bottles online

Vinolok Sizes

Download a PDF document containing all the details about Vinolok sizes

Vinolok – Available sizes

Who uses Vinolok

Download PDF presentations containing the Vinolok references

Vinolok References Wine 2018 | Vinolok References Spirit 2018

Independent Vinolok tests
Vinolok Design Magazine

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DSN #1  | DSN #2 | DSN #3 | DSN #4 | DSN #5

Documents and Certificates
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Vinolok is a member of the Preciosa Group.