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Available sizes

The Vinolok glass closure comes in sizes fitting bottlenecks of 17.5, 18.2, 18.5, 20.0, 21.5 and 23.0 mm. The Vinolok glass closure has two different heights of the top to choose from. The Low Top comes in 17.5, 18.2, 18.5 and 20.0 sizes and is mainly used for wine packaging. The heavier version High Top is available in all sizes and is used primarily for spirits and water packaging.

Vinolok Available Sizes - Bottles
Recommended bottles

All major bottle manufacturers offer wide range of products that are compatible with Vinolok. Our Customer Service and Technical Department are ready to help you find a solution for your final packaging.

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Select from all available capsules by your usual capsule provider according to your options and personal preferences. You can choose between transparent, PVC, aluminium or tin capsules. For the special bottle for Vinolok 18.2,  some of the winemakers also use a short version of the capsule – Alucap.


Vinolok – Manual Bottling

Manual bottling

1000 bottles/hr

Vinolok – Semi Automatic Bottling with GAI Adapter

Semi-automatic bottling

2500 bottles/hr

Vinolok – Semi Automatic Bottling with VDL50

Fully automatic bottling

3000 bottles/hr

Depending on the production, select the option which caters to your custom needs. For a small production, we recommend you to opt for a manual application of the Vinolok closures. Major producers of bottling lines offer solutions in the form of a semi-automated production line. Full automation offers the choice of implementation into the existing lines or the free-standing machines.

Independent tests of Vinolok

With over ten years on the market, the performance of Vinolok has been thoroughly tested by research institutions and leading universities. Please download the results below.

University of Geisenheim
Enology and Wine

Report on comparative analysis of wines sealed with Vinolok and alternative closures

The Australian Wine
Research Institute

The Vinolok closure evaluation Stage 1: Fundamental performance assessment

The Australian Wine
Research Institute

The Vinolok closure evaluation Stage 2: Closure Performance Benchmarking 24-month Report

Versuchs und Lehranstalt
für Brauerei in Berlin

Reference document for the HACCP risk analysis for bottles sealed with Vinolok

Quality first

One of the main objectives of the company is to provide customers with high quality products and services. Every single glass closure passes 100% quality check four times during the production process and therefore Vinolok is a guarantee of securely sealed beverage. In order to satisfy customers‘ existing and future product quality and safety requirements, we have established an Integrated Management System with the application of modern management principles and international standards ISO 9001 and ISO 22000.

How it works

The Vinolok closure is a part of a system consisting of a closure, a bottle, and a capsule.The capsule (1) ensures the safety of the system during storage and transport. The glass closure (2) is made from high quality glass and is resistant against mechanical damage. The sealing ring (3) is made of Elvax by DuPont and contains no phthalates or allergens. The closure can be inserted into the bottle (4) manually or by a semi or fully automatic bottling machines.

Vinolok - System
Vinolok - System Detail

Frequently asked questions

What types of drink is Vinolok suitable for?
Vinolok is suitable for still wines, spirits, still water, oils, and vinegar.
Does the closure offer more than one size?
The Vinolok glass closure comes in a wide range of sizes. You can choose from sizes fitting bottlenecks 17.5, 18.2, 18.5, 20.0, 21.5 and 23.0 mm.
Does Vinolok fit into all bottles?
Vinolok is compatible with most standard bottles. You can download the complete list of approved bottles that have been tested and certified to be compatible with Vinolok in the section Recommended bottles on this page.
What about the design?
Vinolok offers many advanced options for the design customisation of the closure: colour variations in all available Pantone colours, printing, metal ornaments, inserted jewellery stones and more. Get inspired here.
What are the OTR values that the Vinolok glass closure can reach?
The OTR values are around 0.0026 ml O2/day. The data is taken from the AWRI research; the complete report is available for download on this page in the section Independent tests of Vinolok.
Are Vinolok closures officially tested?
The Vinolok closures are tested in accordance with the food safety regulations; apart from that, they are also tested in oenological institutions such as Hochschule Geisenheim University in Germany or the AWRI in Australia. All test results are available on this page in the section Independent tests of Vinolok.
Is Vinolok suitable for bottling red and vintage wines?
Yes. A number of our customers use Vinolok for bottling red wines. The oldest great wines aging under Vinolok date to the years 2003 and 2005 (Schloss Vollrads, Umathum, Henschke, J.B.Becker and others).
Is there a way to decrease the level of oxygen in a bottle?
There are two options to decrease the level of oxygen in a bottle: by regulating the headspace in the bottle; and by using an inert gas.
Is it possible to use glass closures in an automatic bottling line?
There are many ways how to use Vinolok when bottling: from the simplest hand capping to the semi-automated bottling lines to high speed, fully automatic bottling lines.
Is it safe to use the Vinolok closure?
Vinolok is subject to strict output inspection, testing its resilience, safety and flawless functionality. Using the right technology ensures that there is no risk of the glass chipping or breaking during bottling, storage or transportation. Tests conducted by VLB Berlin certify Vinolok’s endurance.

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