Vinolok Branding Options

There are several ways how to put your brand on a glass closure
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Customise Vinolok glass closure for any brand or purpose 

Personalisation is now often used as a means of differentiating the brand. Many customers keep the Vinolok closure long after the bottle is empty. Therefore, putting your own design on the closure, either as a simple printed logo, with glass embossing, or an elaborate 3D or metal label, gives you the chance to develop a stronger bond between your brand and your customers.


You can choose up to four colours from the RAL or Pantone colour charts for the offset printing, including gold and silver colours.

3D Labels

Full-colour printing on white base or spot colour printing on metallic base, the design is covered with transparent resin to avoid mechanical damage.

Metal Labels

Metal stickers can be placed on top of the Vinolok closure. The metal embossing can be combined with printing to achieve the premium look.


Your logo, symbol or text can be applied to the closure in the form of a relief that rises directly from the Vinolok surface. The embossing is most effective when combined with transparent, opaque or metallic colours or coating.

Vinolok logo

Vinolok is a member of the Preciosa Group.