Add glamour to your packaging with Vinolok Metallic

The Metallic set of Vinolok Design Options lets you combine the glass closure with metals. The closure can be coated with a high-gloss silver metal or coloured with a special ink with a metallic effect. Very popular is the use of metal ornaments which are placed on top of the Vinolok closure.

Metal Coating

Metal Ornaments

Metallic Colouring


Fros vodka

This vodka concept is a modern take on the old tale of Viking voyagers who are believed to have chilled their drink by plunging it into the icy waters of the North Sea on a rope tied to the boat they travelled on. This is the reason why the bottle is part frosted and part crystal clear. The silver metal coating was chosen for the Vinoseal closure to complement the chilling feeling the bottle gives even when it is not in the fridge. A black metallic ornament symbolizing ice inserted on the top of the closure highlights the triple charcoal filtering.

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Vinolok is a member of the Preciosa Group.