Why winemakers prefer Vinolok

Vinolok ensures slow but stable development in wines, with no risk of TCA.The unique properties of Vinolok outperform not only traditional cork but also other types of alternative closures as well.

Stop cork killing your work of art

Don’t let the cork ruin the aroma and taste of your wine. Use Vinolok to eliminate the problems of cork taint (TCA). After all, glass has been proven to be the best material for keeping beverages safe over the centuries.

Keep the taste of your wine fresh for longer

AWRI research reveals OTR data of between 0,0026 – 0,0031ml O2/bottle/day, which means that wines with Vinolok never show reductive aromas even after several years of ageing. The slow impact of oxygen perfectly holds the aroma and the terroir expression.

When I was using natural cork, the problem was that after some years of aging around 40 percent of bottles were not perfect. Slow impact of oxygen keeps the aroma and limestone terroir expression of my Blaufränkisch perfectly.

Gernot Heinrich, Weingut Heinrich

Completely leakproof even after ten years

Increases the value of wine for the customers

Produced from pure glass, it makes a great souvenir

My biggest concern is to avoid oxidation; for that I found the glass closure perfect.

Jean-Marc Lafage, Domaine Lafage

I often had bad experience with natural cork – not always cork taint, but quality of wines with natural cork was not good and consistent. With glass closure I have managed to avoid this.

Istvan Szepsy Jr. Szent Tamás

Maintain stability after bottling

Forget unexpected oxidation after bottling. Use Vinolok to deliver stable environment in the bottle and eliminate the difference in aroma and taste in each bottle thanks to 99,9% stability of the Vinolok closure.

Say goodbye to a corkscrew

Vinolok is widely popular among wine lovers because of the easy opening and closing of the bottle. No corkscrew is needed. Also, the bottle can be easily re-closed.

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